Ready for a challenge?

Delivered via email, our 15-part course is designed to help new and existing iOS Developers prepare for their next technical interview. The series contains code challenges designed to help you recall the fundamentals when it comes to the latest Swift syntax, design patterns and algorithms.



You’ve been studying, but how do you know when you’re fully prepared for a lengthy and complex technical interview? Based on our book, as well as input from iOS Interview Program alumni, we’ve created an email course that tests your skills on the core essentials of Swift syntax, design patterns and algorithms. Start today and receive your first code challenge in minutes.

how it works

Delivered via email, you’ll receive a new Swift-based code challenge each day to review and potentially solve. Have questions or don’t know the answer? No worries — you’ll receive the full solution with source code the next morning. Just enough time to consider the problem, come up with your own ideas and compare notes.

In addition to important syntax and design pattern questions, you’ll also get tested on computer science essentials such as Big O Notation, Divide & Conquer and Dynamic Programming — all from a Swift perspective.


Q. Is your algorithms book required reading for this course?

A. Throughout the course we’ll make reference to our book for those interested in learning more about about a specific technique or topic, but it isn’t required. As noted, you’ll receive the source code for all challenges that you can later analyze using Xcode Playgrounds or your own compiler.

Q. Will I also get access to your iOS Interview Program by registering for this course?

A. Only developers who specifically register for the iOS Interview Program receive those benefits. This includes two (2) live 1-1 mock interviews, free access to the email course and our book.

Q. Can I see a syllabus or list of topics before starting this course?

A. Since the benefit of the course is to help developers gain practice with code challenges that may be new to them we don’t publish a detailed list. However, to get an idea of possible topics, feel free to download our free iOS Interview Worksheet.

Q. If I register for this course today, when will I receive my first code challenge?

A. Yes. A few minutes after your registration you’ll receive a getting started email as well as your first challenge. From there, you’ll receive a new challenge each morning.

Q. How long will it take me to complete this course?

A. The complete 15-part course should take approximately 2 weeks to complete.