The Book

Written for students and professionals, Swift Algorithms & Data Structures blends modern code, illustrations, and computer science to help you pass the technical interview or build your next App.

Why Algorithms?

Introduced by Apple in 2014, Swift is quickly becoming the language of choice due to its simplicity and new syntax. When creating modern apps, much of the theory inherent to algorithms is often overlooked. Swift Algorithms & Data Structures takes a fresh approach to explaining concepts that power search engines, social networks and database systems. See how Swift works to create solutions for standard systems as well as mobile apps.

what you receive

Source code for the new book is now available in Xcode 11 Playground format. Provided as a single download bundle, the code contains over 60 unit tests. Readers can obtain the source as part of their book purchase or as an individual download.

topics covered

Now in its 4th edition and read by thousands of developers in over 70 countries, the newest book features production Swift 5.0 code and beautiful illustrations for the following techniques: 

  •  Linked Lists

  • Big O Notation

  • Sorting

  • Generics

  • Closures

  • Hash Tables

  • Recursion

  • Binary Search Trees

  • Tree Balancing (Rotations)

  • Tries

  • Stacks & Queues

  • Graph Theory

  • Dijkstra's Shortest Path

  • Blockchain Networks

  • Machine Learning

  • Dynamic Programming

  • Heaps & Heapsort Operations

  • Depth-First Search

  • Breadth-First Search

  • Control Structures

  • Unit Testing

Published November 5th 2018. 132 pages. Updated for Swift 5.0


 Q: Does your current book support Swift 5.0?

A: Yes. The book is now available in EPUB, PDF and Kindle formats and supports Swift 5.0. This update to Swift 5.0 has allowed an opportunity to refine many areas of the project. For those who’ve purchased a previous version of the book, the latest edition now includes new content related to machine learning, blockchain technology, generics, big o notation and other revisions.

Q: I have a copy of the old book and would like the new 4th edition. Will I be getting this as a free download?

A. No. However, readers of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd editions are entitled to a 50% discount. Just contact us for details. 

Q: Does the latest book also include free updates?

A: Yes. Those who order the current 4th edition will receive free 4th edition digital updates as they become available.

Q: I'm considering signing up for the iOS Interview Program. Would I qualify for a free copy of your Swift book? 

A. Yes. Anyone enrolled in the iOS Interview Program is also entitled to free access to all my digital products. This includes my newest book as well as pre-recorded webinars, whitepapers and code samples. 

Q: How can I obtain your latest Swift 5.0 source code?

A. Source code for the new book is now available in Xcode 10.0 Playground format. Provided as a single download bundle, the code contains over 60 unit tests that cover book topics such as Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big O Notation, Linked Lists and Binary Search Trees. Readers can also obtain the source as part of their book purchase. 

Q: Is the book available for iBooks, Kindle or Android?

A: Yes, the 4th edition is also available in EPUB, PDF format and Kindle (MOBI) format. Designed by Apple, iBooks is fully compatible with the EPUB specification and optimized for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. In addition to EPUB content, iBooks also supports viewing PDF documents. 

Q: Can I order a printed copy of the Swift 5.0 book?

A. Not at this time. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for new announcements. 

So far the book has been fantastic. I’m a senior iOS consultant and have been in the business for 20+ years, first with C++, then obj-C, and now Swift for the past few years. I’ve written many lines of code, but can already tell that this book will help make things cleaner, more concise, and better-structured.
— Jeff

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